Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Qualified Commercial Cleaning For Your Business’s Best

Commercial space is designed to draw customers and conduct business, so a good impression is a necessity, and it starts with your carpets! A clean work environment is essential for success, so MCC offers quality cleaning for your commercial carpets. Businesses receive a hefty amount of foot traffic – from employees to customers, your carpet endures a lot of dirt and grime. With a superb cleaning service like MCC, you can maintain and improve the condition of your carpets. Empower your business to look its best with a premium clean carpet. A hygienic and thoroughly cleansed carpet will welcome any customer through your doors. A sanitized workplace will motivate your team and appeal to your current and potential clients. With rigorously cleaned carpets, everyone that makes your business possible will benefit.


MCC has servedthe Charlotte area and nearbycities like Mount Holly, Dilworth, and Salisbury for over 20+ years. Our proficient cleaning team and premium services have established our company as a trusted name across the community. From your home to your place of business, we cater to a variety of cleaning needs. We focus on convenience and consistency for all our cleaning projects. As a reputable cleaning company, our mission is to assure our clients that they havea safe and clean business space.

We are confident in our ability to provide outstanding results that both impress and protect your employees and clients from the spread of debris and germs. Unlike your average steam cleaners that require additional water, we utilize a chemical drying device that absorbs carpet moisture in less than 2 hours.