Pet Stain & Odor Removal

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Remove Your Pet Stains & Odor With MCC’s Cleaning Masters

Your pet is precious to you, but they can often cause your floors and furniture serious destruction like urine stains, dirt residue, and fur build-up. Naturally, pets have an odor, and this can transmit to your carpet and furniture over time. Eliminate the stains and smells of your pet from your carpet with Morgan Carpet Cleaning. Sure, your pets cannot help their mess, but we can! DIY cleaning methods never provide enough power to effectively clean elements impacted by your pets, so trust MCC to correct your cleaning problems with our dependable approach. Say goodbye to ugly discoloration and bad smells with our help!


Even if you clean the surface of your couch or carpet after your pet messes or if you vacuum regularly to remove their fur from your floors, traces of these substances can become embedded into the fabric when left untreated by cleaning professionals.

Grant us the honor of demonstrating our expertise to eliminate pet stains and odor with our useful equipment and competent cleaning team. Maintain the appearance, smell, and functionality of your flooring and furniture with our elite cleaning services to help keep your home safe and sanitized. Our simple cleaning procedure ensures a non-toxic routine to remove all pathogens from your surfaces and belongings, respecting the health of you and your pet.

We treat hidden pet stains and odors with our modernized moisture detectors so we can solve the problem at its source. If need be for severe stains, we will entirely replace the underlying pad in addition to the carpet and floor.